Mario Garcés en el Grupo de Trabajo de la Unión Europea

The GPP deputy spokesman highlights that "there is a margin to reach an agreement", although he points out that this is conditioned on "how the negotiation will evolve in the coming hours."

· Values ​​the 35 “very balanced” amendments presented by the PP to the text of the PSOE and United We Can because it was insufficient.

• Calls on socialists to move away from the extreme left, where they have been moving in recent months and return to the center; "There they will find the PP".

• Defends "the balance between strengthening the market, which generates the potential for economic growth and job creation, along with the new requirements that have arisen, such as social policy, new technological trends, the ecological transition, and all the objectives of sustainable development ”. "The PP will be there," he says.

• Remember that "the origin of the European Union is born for two reasons: to end the state of economic and social desolation after the Second World War, and with the aim of creating a common market based on energy and industry".

• Considers that “we must insist on job creation. We do not want a subsidized Europe, we want a free Europe, without obstacles, with the potential for development and growth necessary so that whoever wants to have a project can develop it ”. • Warns the PSOE that the PP's position on Gibraltar is "unalterable". "We are not worth any intermediate position," he says.

• Asks the PSOE to "avoid the evaluative paragraphs, since this is not an evaluative document and we have to reach an agreement".

• Affirms that "Spain must receive recovery funds under the principles of solidarity, responsibility and credibility". • Appreciate the climate, the spirit and the willingness of this working group to agree from the first moment. Also to those appearing.

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