Mario Garcés en la Comisión para la Reconstrucción

The GPP deputy spokesman recalls that "three days ago an agreement had been reached, but unfortunately it has remained at the beginning." "We are going to abstain because finally some claims that we had as a popular parliamentary group have not been completed," he says.

Explains the reasons why the Popular Group is going to abstain: there must be long-term strategic investment planning in order to obtain the final absorption of community funds linked to the green and digital agenda but also to the sustainability agenda. of public finances; the increase in own resources or tax bases as a result of fiscal harmonization should not be transferred to the public finances of the Member States; it is necessary to improve the market unity in Spain and reduce administrative obstacles; public finances must be cleaned up because public debt is a drag; the financial framework for temporary exemption from the relaxation of State aid should be abolished as soon as possible in order to return all countries to normalcy; and not to introduce the problem of Gibraltar because the positions of the PP and the Government are contradictory.

"We are going to abstain but there is room for improvement to finally reach an agreement, there are weeks left for it," says Mario Garcés, who assures that "it depends on the Government."

He denounces that “the PSOE has a serious identity problem, and that is that it is hostage to two movements: that of rotation and that of translation. Because of the rotation they constantly turn on their axis, we do not know who we negotiate with on Mondays, Thursdays …, and because of the movement of translation, they have placed themselves in the arms of certain radical leftist and nationalist formations that recognize that there are political prisoners " .

Remember that "in the La Moncloa pacts it was said that Spain had to be exemplary in the budget, that the Public Administrations had to make an effort to determine which expenses were superfluous because they were doing it by private economies, that it was necessary to look for where the exact balance was in public finances, that the work load suffered by companies had to be reduced, and that public spending had to be improved and controlled. They were not austericides, they were a group of responsible people, from the PCE to CC.OO ”.

He appreciates the work of the coordinator of the Working Group, Guillermo Mariscal, and the attitude, spirit and commitment of all parliamentary groups and those appearing.

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