Mario Garcés durante el Pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados

Holders of his intervention:

  • The deputy spokesman of the GPP rejects the proposal of the PSOE to reform the Stability Law in order to deal "a blow" to the role played by the Senate in the Spanish bicameral system, and "cut off" its "double filter" powers in the approval of the path of stability: "His second Proposal of Law in this legislature is to curtail the powers of the Upper House."
  • He warns that after this "coup" the Senate underlies the breakdown of the multilateral model of the Government-Generalitat Office of Catalonia: "The Senate is no longer necessary for you, it is no longer valid, because when the stability paths are not they analyze in a multilateral way in a process of constant allocation, and under the permanent discussion of all the autonomous agents, what is done is to negotiate bilaterally ”.
  • Appeals “to responsibility, sanity, to the meaning of history, to historical socialism and to the hidden voices of the PSOE” to stop the Government-Generalitat Bureau of Catalonia scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday: “By gathering an absolutely unconstitutional Table they will be burying the past , multilateralism and the denial of a common project that is Spain ”.
  • He reproaches the PSOE that in his proposal he speaks of 'normative abnormality' when he refers to the double filter function of the Senate or calls it a 'political blocker': “The PSOE has been reset and begins a new era condemning one of the organs that they should have greater brightness and representativeness. ”
  • Censorship that the Socialists also speak in their proposal of bicameral system "imperfect": "There are only two decentralized countries in the world that do not have a Senate: Micronesia and New Zealand."
  • Urges the PSOE to clarify which model it is in favor of: are they in favor of the Llop doctrine – president of the Senate -, of the Iceta doctrine, of asymmetric bilateralism or of multilateral symmetry?
  • Review the successive transformations and turns of 180 degrees experienced by the PSOE in relation to the budgetary rule of the public finance system: “They did not participate in that process, they resorted to the Constitutional because they did not agree, then Zapatero converted to the Law –with the subsequent reform of article 135 of the Constitution with the support of the PP-, and now I don't know where they are; we do, in stability and multilateralism ”.
  • Look back to remember the moment in which he participated – as an advisor to the PP Government – in the drafting of the Budget Stability Law, 20 years ago today, a national and European milestone: “It was the first Budget Stability Law not only from Spain, but from Europe, and we were an example for all countries. ”

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