El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Guillermo Mariscal

The general secretary of the GPP criticizes that the Government "punishes" the cogeneration industry in the face of increased costs by more than 40%

The secretary general of the Popular Group in Congress, Guillermo Mariscal, denounced this Thursday the cut of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to cogeneration.

During a visit to the Illas-Reny Picot cogeneration plant in the Asturian town of Navia, accompanied by the spokesperson of the Popular Parliamentary Group at the General Meeting of the Principality of Asturias, Teresa Mallada, the national deputy for Asturias Paloma Gázquez and several deputies Regional, Mariscal has censored that the Ministry "punishes" the cogeneration industry for increased costs by more than 40%, and has guaranteed that its Group "will act from Congress so that this does not happen."

"I do not know why the Asturian leaders of the PSOE do not pressure and do not force Sánchez to take measures," said Mariscal, who has warned that "the disappearance of the industry in Asturias has no alternative, because an industry when it closes its doors does not reopen ”. Therefore, he pointed out, "the concern that the PP has for Asturias is a concern that Asturian socialists should also have."

The popular leader has highlighted the importance of cogeneration, since “it helps the efficiency and the reduction of the costs of the Asturian industry, in this case, which in turn is key to economic development and job creation in this Earth".

The Reny-Picot plant is one of the cogeneration plants that will be most affected by the proposal to update the remuneration of renewables, cogeneration and waste (RECORE) by 2020-2025 of the Government. The proposal reduces the aid to these three technologies by 1,000 million euros per year; being especially harmful for cogeneration, to which it cuts 43% of the total (450 million).

Mariscal has also referred to the situation of the electro-intensive industry, with a Statute still pending and where “concrete measures are lacking” by the Government to tackle the increase in the cost of electricity. To reverse this situation, the popular leader has announced that his Group will take on March 18 a “key and forceful” initiative to reduce the cost of electricity for this type of industry.

The popular will propose three measures: Allocate 25% of C02 rights to reduce the cost of electric energy, take out of the electricity bill of these companies the cost of developing renewable energy, as well as subsidize 100% of the electricity tax.

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