Headlines of the interview

· Maroto lamented the situation of Vox's blockade of the center-right governments in Murcia and Madrid, and is convinced that many citizens do not understand it either. "There is no programmatic reason for not supporting these votes", he lamented, while claiming that if there is a disagreement in any matter, "they say it, explain it and we will fix it".

· He affirms that he believes in the politics of utility, "the politician who does not understand that there is a pact has a problem, politics must come with a maturity and a concrete program. This of the posts in the photos, in my opinion, is not up to par, "he lamented.

· Affirms that the PP will not leave anything on their side to get these center-right investiture to occur and has recalled the mediating role of the Popular Party in Andalusia, "between two very new parties and were unable to sit at a table and talk". "If the PP was not a mature party, today the president of the Board would be Susana Díaz," he stressed.

· Regrets what happened today in Murcia, where with the votes against Vox, the PP candidate, Fernando López Miras, has not been elected president of the Autonomous Community, and insists that there are voters in the formation of Abascal, who They do not understand what happened. Ask for a serious reflection on the situation, so as not to compromise the center-right governments that the citizens want.

· He defends that no one can compromise the governments of Murcia or Madrid and that the left can govern, "only because Vox does not add his votes to that majority, because they are discussing positions, councils and places in the government." Thus, he recalled that in other times, other parties with the same seats that have achieved those of Abascal, have not demanded to enter other governments, but have supported from outside.

· Regrets the situation of Vox blockade in Madrid that may lead to the president of the Bureau of the Assembly does not propose any candidate, but hopes there is a solution, respecting a center-right program, "which will be the PP."

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