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The Popular Group spokesperson in the Senate, Javier Maroto, affirms that the Supreme Court ruling on the Gürtel plot “confirms what we already knew. There were people who abused the acronym of the Popular Party with the worst of intentions, behind the backs of the party leaders, to profit and make their own ”.

– Remember that both Pablo Casado and himself "had the courage to say publicly what millions of PP voters felt, that this bunch of people were criminals."

– “We had to endure Bárcenas' complaints against us because he said that we slandered him. Today we see that not only were we not slandering him, but we were giving voice to what millions of PP supporters thought, who used the party for their personal gain ”.

– Denounce "the falsehoods" that were spilled against Mariano Rajoy to support a motion of censure. "Pedro Sánchez is President of the Government supported by a falsehood that today the Justice makes perfectly clear, white on black."

– Stresses that the judgment of the Supreme Court confirms that, if the PP “has to pay a fine, it is for not knowing the crime that was being committed. These people did it behind their backs and the judges acknowledge that the PP had no idea what some people were doing ”.

– Ensures that "regeneration is not in dispute, zero tolerance against corruption and that whoever has to pay pays" and has demanded a "quick Justice so that it is fair" and responsibilities are clarified.

– He points out that politics "comes to perform a public service" and highlights that there are "many honest people" in all parties and with a vocation to serve Spain.

– It shows that in the PP the concerns we have are others, such as the coronavirus, the economic situation and we are also concerned that the Department of National Security notified the Government of the danger of the virus and they ignored it.

– Asked about the tweet of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, in which he called the PP 'corrupt', Maroto remarks that what the minister has to do is "ask how it is possible that we have a vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, in the face of being accused of machismo ”.

– He affirms that Minister Montero "is quiet, but she has enough to explain at home and at the Ministry."

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