Javier Maroto, junto al senador Fernando Clavijo, en rueda de prensa

The GPP spokesman demands that the consequences that Brexit will have for the Spanish economy to avoid its “negative effects” be studied

The PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, announced today that his parliamentary group, together with the Canary Coalition, will request the creation of a Special Commission to analyze the impact of Brexit.

In statements to the media along with the Canary Coalition senator, Fernando Clavijo, Maroto explained the importance of creating a Commission that studies the consequences that Brexit will have for the Spanish economy and to avoid its "negative effects".

“We present this initiative together – the GPP spokesman stressed – because we have to tell Pedro Sánchez that on January 31 the United Kingdom leaves the European Union and has ignored a situation that affects millions of people in Spain, thousands of people in the United Kingdom, which affects such important sectors as fishing, livestock, the economy, education, tourism or exports. ”

According to Maroto, “we need to ask for the creation of this Commission in the Senate because it is the Autonomous Chamber and we want the effects on our economy to be discussed here. In addition, he said that “we do not want Brexit to be discussed in the media or in the corridors of the institutions, we ask for transparency. In all the color chart that Sánchez has painted, Brexit does not appear and we have not heard a single word from his government of colors, ”he denounced.

Likewise, Maroto has indicated that his Group wants the government “sitting” in this Committee to make a “joint diagnosis of risks and opportunities”, and so that the CC.AA. “most affected can have this debate with light and stenographers in the Senate in relation to the measures to be taken and when to take them. ”


On the other hand, Maroto, to questions of the journalists, has referred to Sánchez's proposal to change the Councils of Ministers on Tuesdays and has criticized “the ways of acting” of the government. "Now Sanchez says that it is for reasons of family conciliation, when just a few days ago the investiture debate was held on a Saturday and Sunday."

In his opinion, this change "is not to reconcile, it is to prevent the opposition from exercising control over the government." As explained by the spokesman of the PP, in the case of the Upper House, which holds the control session on Tuesdays at four in the afternoon, the opposition would only have a margin of three hours to raise questions about the measures approved by the Council .

For this reason, Maroto has announced that the first thing his parliamentary group will do is ask Sánchez “if he believes as a Democrat that the opposition can exercise control with that limited time frame. If you want to sleep and leave the opposition ruffled. ”

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