Maroto and Planas guarantee to the agri-food sector the commitment of the Government in defense of Spanish interests against US tariffs.

The ministers have exposed to the sector the situation of the litigation, as well as the efforts of the Government, in defense of the Spanish interests, against the tariffs.

Maroto and Planas have stated that the Government is actively working both before the European Commission (EC) – who negotiates on behalf of the European Union – and with bilateral contacts with the US. to contribute to a negotiated solution.

The ministers also stressed that Spain is defending additional support measures for the sectors most affected by tariffs. Currently, USA maintains a public consultation (with allegations period until January 13) to review the list of products and the amount of tariffs imposed in the context of the dispute over the Airbus case, which could aggravate the situation.

Maroto has highlighted the Government's willingness to dialogue to achieve a "negotiated solution" that will definitively reverse tariffs.

Flat has pointed out that tariffs are "deeply unfair" because they affect a sector that has nothing to do with the origin of the conflict. The minister said that the Government is doing "everything in its power" to promote the EC to articulate sufficient compensatory support measures.


Maroto has explained that his department has held four meetings with representatives of the US Administration – US Embassy. in Spain, advisor to the White House and two meetings with representatives of the US Trade-. Also this week The minister met in Brussels with the European Commissioner for CommercePhil Hogan

On the other hand, in the Last Council of Agriculture Ministers of the European UnionIn December, about ten countries, with Spain and France at the helm, requested additional support for the sectors most affected by tariffs, according to Planas.

Tariffs affect products such as packaged olive oil and green table olives, wine and spirits, canned fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, pig meat and cheeses.

Actions taken in support of affected sectors

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodSince the imposition of countermeasures by the United States in October, the Government of Spain has been working within the EU to mitigate its effects, through the mobilization of support mechanisms (inside and outside the CAP). To date, the EC has announced the following measures:

  • Activation of crisis management assistance mechanisms of the CAP, such as private storage aid.
  • Activation of promotional measures in third countries and in the internal market. In November, it adopted the work program for 2020, which plans to allocate 200.9 million euros for promotion programs, in which community funding is increased and the possibility of changing the country of destination becomes more flexible.

Through ICEX, Spain is strengthening the programs and promotional instruments already consolidated, which are committed to differentiate and strengthen the high quality and diversity of our food and wines.

Planas and Maroto have asked the sector associations for information about the impact tariffs are having on their companies, in order to better argue the defense against the EU of new compensatory measures.

The meeting was attended by: Agricultural Cooperatives, agricultural professional organizations (Asaja, COAG and UPA), the Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB), Spanish Wine Federation (FEV), the Spanish Federation of Producers Associations Fruit and Vegetable Exporters (Fepex), the Spanish Association of Industry and Commerce Olive Oil Exporter (Asoliva), the Association of Exporters of Table Olives (Asemesa), the National Federation of Dairy Industries (Fenil), the Association National of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE) and the Business Federation of Meat and Meat Industries (Fecic). Also of FEBE (Espirituosos España), of the Spanish Conference of Viticultural Regulatory Councils and of the National Federation of Associations of Vegetable Transformed and Processed Foods (Fenaval).

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