El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

He assures that the PP condemns "any attack against human rights and the dignity of people"

The spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Javier Maroto, has announced that his Group will present today, in the Upper House, ainitiative to demand “the historical truthÓrica from Spain and the contribution ofmany of our ancestors in the American continent ”.

In an interview on the show Herrera at COPE, Maroto has pointed out thatthe GPP initiative aims to end "historical revisionism and the annulment of all truth", so that "no stupidities like theof associating figures like Cervantes's with racism, as we are seeing in thes streets where there are sculptures of these Spanish celebrities ”.

In addition, the popular spokesman in the Senate has stated that his party "condemns any attack against human rights and the dignity of persons, while he has qualified as "brutalitythe act against the black citizen in the USA

"With the same intensity that we condemn the twisting of history and the Hispanic-phobia that exists and is cultivated, even sometimes, within Spain, we also condemn that the history of Spain and our culture outside and within our country are not defendedand added that "the contributionSpanish in Latin America, turns a thousand times to other cultures"

Maroto stressed that this initiative "does not appear to see how groupslike the PNV, ERC or Bildu support Spanish culture and our figures

historical, "We are not unwary, but to put the PSOE in the position of having to choose between its partnerss or the defense of the history of Spain ”.

Asked for the defense and support of the ETA members of a youtuber Basque thePopular spokesman has assured that it is "unpleasant" to hear such statements, "like any person who has lived in the countryBasque and he had to have an escort ”.

In this sense, Maroto recalled that Sánchez “tries to look for andxcuses to justify their shameful agreements with Otegui. The great difference between Sánchez and any of us is that we are Bildu's enemyand you are now his friend ”, he stated emphatically.

"While the PP governments represented a threat to Bildu, theSánchez's government is an opportunity. Sánchez tries to justify the agreements with Otegui and present it withor one more politician ”, he denouncedMaroto.

Likewise, the PP spokesman in the Senate has regretted that the PSOE"Abandon the principles that we defended together" and "consent and justify the favor of ETA members and not victims of terrorism".


Regarding the next elections in the Basque Country, Maroto has defendedthe PP and Citizens coalition and has stated that "this coalition intendsavoid a radical left government. They are complex choices buta firm bet of the PP ”, he has stated.

Javier Maroto explained that the coalition with Cs in the Basque Country tries to go all on the same list, "as we did in Pamplona, ​​where a mayor of the PP coalition of Navarra Suma governs, with UPN and Cs. "ANDThis is the proposal that we make for all moderate people who feel Basque, but also Spanish, who care about employment and the generation of wealth..

The GPP spokesman in the Senate recalled "PNV say that it is a very good manager, but when you scratch you find figures well below thosepossibilities of the Basque Country ”. In this sense, he has recalled the twoworkers buried in Zaldibar, “the most serious human and nobody remembers and I think the Basque government has forgotten and has looked the other way.


Regarding the General State Budgets, Maroto has stated that the PP is going to make proposals: "The pArtido Popular has an interest in improving and supporting,small details and issues that come up on the table ”. The balance of the PP can and our credibility is that it can be a vehement opposition in serious matters, but also a State party that supports and doesproposals ”has affirmed.

He has given the example of domestic workers, that on March 31 it was approved that domestic workers could have a subsidy for lack of mobility. "Those grants, according to the government, could not be requested until May 5, two months later..

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