El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

The PP spokesman in the Senate denounces "the outrage" that supposes that the President of the Government wants to expropriate the Spanish municipalities "their savings bag" to develop the ideological agenda of Pablo Iglesias: "It is an armed robbery".

He stresses that "Sánchez is the worst president at the worst moment in Spain since the Transition", who also heads a government that is experiencing a permanent crisis "because it already has more crisis in its executive than the number of ministers."

It points out that Sánchez's collection of ministers "are either completely unknown or only known from the cases in which they have been implicated."

He sees "revealing" that PSOE voters "are not comfortable" with a government coalition that is "a fiasco", and stresses that it is not only bad news for the PSOE but for all Spaniards.

He affirms that Iglesias “has gotten a frog” from his attempt to hide behind the harassment of the Monarchy, because the polls today grant broad support from the Spanish to said institution: “Today is a bad day for Pablo Iglesias and a good day for who believe that Spain is better for having modern European institutions like the Parliamentary Monarchy ”.

He emphasizes that Spain cannot afford "bad Budgets", and warns that "the probe balloons that Sánchez is launching are not going in the direction that the PP likes as adequate measures."

It contrasts the economic policy of the PP of "lowering taxes to activate the economy" with Sánchez's recipes, which are summarized in "more taxes and excessive spending."

He underlines the need to unite the center-right space around Pablo Casado's moderate alternative, because disunity is Sánchez's best ally: "Every time we vote divided, Sánchez stays, that's how it has been after each electoral call."

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