El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

He assures that Sánchez is "delighted" because "while talking about the King emeritus, there is no mention of his disastrous management in the Government and of the coronavirus health crisis."

Stresses that the Monarchy "is not in question" and "does not need protection because it is a constitutional and safe institution in our country."

He denounces the insecurity generated by the coalition government that is in “permanent crisis”, because “it permanently has a crisis that affects its different ministers or different policies”.

The popular spokesman in the Senate points out that "the most important thing for the PP is what the Government is going to put in the Budgets, and what translates into the public accounts for all Spaniards."

“Is Sánchez going to come with Budgets that raise taxes? If it does, the PP's response will be negative. The PP does not want to raise taxes, it is in the genes of the PP, "he says.

Mark as a red line of the PP that "you cannot put your hand in the savings bank of the municipalities to finance the Government." "You cannot reach into the savings of the municipalities to cover up the government's mismanagement," he stresses.

Remember that "Sánchez went to Europe to seek the support of the PPE so that Spain could have the funds for the coronavirus," and the PP gave it to him. "Or do they think that Merkel is from the European Socialist Party?" Asks Maroto, to point out that Casado was in contact with the chancellor.

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