El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

The spokesman of the PP affirms that “it is not reasonable to hold a control session to the Government at 4, when it makes important decisions at 1 in the afternoon”

The spokesman of the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has criticized the "unilateral" decision of the government to change the date of the Council of Ministers to Tuesdays "without counting on the political formations of both Houses."

During the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons, Maroto has asked the rest of the groups to study whether it was convenient to change the control sessions to the Government. In his opinion, “it is not reasonable to hold a control session to the Government at 4 pm, when it makes important decisions at 1 pm.

The spokesman of the popular in the Senate has affirmed that “in a strip of barely 3 hours it is materially impossible to exercise control over a Government that makes decisions shortly before the Chamber holds control sessions. We cannot exercise opposition with 3 hours of margin, ”he insisted.

Maroto recalled that the questions posed by the spokesmen of the different parliamentary groups or the senators themselves, "are significantly altered to fit them today and this will be impossible with 3 hours of margin."


The spokesman of the PP has also referred to the decisions of the Executive that affect the Judicial Power and the Legislative Power, and has pointed out that “Sanchez does not understand the operation of the Legislative if he considers it normal that he can decide at 1 in the afternoon and he Check at 4 in the afternoon. ”

In addition, Maroto has criticized the appointment of a State Attorney General "paying attention to Rufián" instead of having the opinion of the judges. "In just a few days Sanchez makes an attack on the Legislative and Judicial Power and, therefore, from the PP we show our concern that a rule of law has separation of powers."

“The kick to Justice that is taking place in our country appointing a minister, Dolores Delgado, absolutely attached to the socialist government and the maximum political confidence of Mr. Sánchez, is a very hard blow to
the confidence we can have in the Government to reach agreements, ”he stressed.

Likewise, Maroto has argued that "if at any time it happens to Rajoy to propose Gallardón as Attorney General of the State, there is no stone left from Genoa Street."

Finally, the PP spokesman has assured that his party has always reached State agreements and has acted as a State party, both in the Government and in the opposition, and has given as examples the Constitution, the entry of Spain in the European Union and in the Euro, or the Anti-Terror Pact.

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