Javier Maroto en el Senado

He accuses the president and vice president of “playing cat and mouse” and dividing up the roles of 'good cop' and 'bad cop' so that “the more people talk about the king emeritus, the less they talk about them and the health crisis and economical "

He denounces that Sánchez has commissioned the president of the CIS “through the back door” to “remove” the debate on the Republic in the fall, so that there is no talk about the increase in taxes, the outbreaks or the very serious difficulties for the tourism sector

It affects the fact that the letter from the scientific elite on the failures in the management of the pandemic in Spain once again shows that partisan criteria were prioritized instead of scientific ones, such as encouraging the march of 8-M

He demands explanations from Sánchez for his “lie” of making the Spaniards believe that all the decisions of the de-escalation were made by a group of experts that never existed

He emphasizes that the Monarchy "is not in question in Spain" and emphasizes that the PP "will never be an accomplice" of that strategy shared by the Executive's partners against an institution that has fostered "an unknown prosperity" for Spain

Censorship that Sánchez has chosen to defend the Crown "with a small mouth" instead of having made "an iron defense" of the institution against the attacks of its partners, who "seek to overthrow the system"

Reminds Sánchez that "the government is one" and warns that if the PP were at the head of the nation's Executive "it would strike a blow on the table to tell all those who want to question the Monarchy that they have no possibility of doing so"

He assures that the strategy of independence in Catalonia is to divert attention and play victimhood: "They want to take advantage of the debate on the Monarchy to justify the existence of the republic"

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