Interview holders:

  • Congratulates Josep Borrell for his appointment as head of European diplomacy, although he considers that the negotiation has been a "failure for Sanchez" because the Socialists do not govern in the European Union
  • He hopes to find in Europe the Borrell who defends the unity of Spain "without ambiguity and put at bay the independentistas without complexes", and not the one who gave more ambiguous messages about the reality of the Spanish unity
  • He stressed that the PP does not want new general elections "even if it suits us electorally," and notes that many voters have understood that the division of the center-right vote "makes the PSOE win"
  • Affirms that Sanchez wants a government with Podemos and ERC "and practices it", and gives as an example that the PSOE voted with the independence in Badalona not to govern the PP or the agreement of the Navarre Parliament Bureau. "If you want a government with Podemos and ERC you will have to be able to explain it and carry it out," he emphasizes.
  • Explain that requesting the abstention of the opposition for the investiture is also for other votes such as the PGE and practically a "coalition government between government and opposition", and reiterates that the PP does not want to be part of the Government of Sanchez, who does not support one of your requests
  • Warns Vox to reconsider what he is doing in Murcia and Madrid -to vote with Podemos and PSOE to prevent the PP from ruling-, or "he will have his days numbered, because his voters do not want left governments"
  • He considers that if Vox's position is to leave the table if he does not obtain charges in the governments, it is something that has to be told, although he stresses that the PP is willing – as it did in Andalusia – to talk about employment, protection of families or about health improvements.

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