"All Spaniards are seeing what happens in Catalonia, all but Minister Marlaska who is dedicated to dinner there"

The spokesman of the PP in the Senate, Javier Maroto has affirmed that in Catalonia "we are living a nonsense taken to its maximum exponent in Torra" and has asked the acting President of the Government, "stop acting like an ostrich, take out the head of the arena and see the reality of what is happening in Catalonia ”.

Javier Maroto made these statements during his visit to the island of La Palma, accompanied by the president of the Canary Islands PP, Mª Australia Navarro, the senator for the Canary Islands, Asier Antona, and the mayor of La Palma Juan José Cabrera.

Maroto has considered that "we are living a level of delirium – in Catalonia – for the independence drift". "In the morning – referring to Torra – he says that everyone goes out to the street to demonstrate and in the afternoon he sends the police to repress the protesters," he added.

The spokesman of the PP in the Senate has asked the acting Government to see the reality of what is happening. "All Spaniards are seeing what happens in Catalonia, all but Minister Marlaska, who is having dinner there."

For Javier Maroto it is essential to put order, “today the Government could decide to apply the National Security Law, which approved the PP, take control of the Mossos. All Spaniards want order and pretend that nothing happens in Catalonia is absurd. ”


On the other hand, Maroto has assured that “in the face of the economic crisis that comes we need more than ever a Popular Party Government. The only possibility to avoid a socialist government is to unite the vote around the PP, a reference party in the center-right, ”he said.

Thus, given the economic crisis announced by both the International Monetary Fund and other international organizations, the spokesman for the popular in the Senate has stressed that there are only two ways to "confront" this crisis: "With a socialist government from 10 November, with a socialist party that we already know what they do with the crises, which first hide them and then aggravate them, or with a PP government, which is the party that best manages the economy. ”

Finally, Javier Maroto has asked the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, to execute the investment to improve the beach and the promenade of La Palma, “investment contemplated in the Budgets that are currently in force in Spain and that are not others that those approved by a PP government ”.

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