El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto


  • Javier Maroto affirms that “Pedro Sánchez is the president that Otegui, Rufián and Pablo Iglesias want, with whom they could not consider forming a government because it caused insomnia, in the mouth of Sánchez himself”. He emphasizes that today "there are many Spaniards who are uneasy, not only in the right center, but also among socialist voters."
  • “Does anyone seriously believe that when ERC representatives sit at the negotiating table, they will not ask for self-determination or independence? The PP spokesman asks. "Does anyone believe that the ERC representative would get up from that table without asking for independence?" He insisted.

  • "The negotiation table is going to what is going, not going to ask for more investments, but to ask for self-determination so that it can be endorsed at the polls."

  • He says Sanchez “is doing the opposite of what he said he was going to do in the elections. Agree with a party whose president is in jail for committing a serious crime against the nation. ”

  • “Sanchez is able to pay any price in order to continue riding on his Falcon or to keep sleeping on his mattress in Moncloa. I call it to continue as it is to all it consists in the power by the power ”.

  • Remember that Sanchez promoted with Rajoy the application of article 155 because he said that what the independence workers were doing had to “stop it dry with the law and the Constitution in hand. And just a few months later he is doing the opposite. ”

  • He affirms that the expression “political conflict” is what the independentists need to formalize in order to justify in Europe everything they have done. "In Catalonia, there are conflicting politicians and a judicial conflict as a result of the irresponsibility of some leaders who thought the law was for others to comply with."

  • He emphasizes that with these independence parties, “with an escaped president and another imprisoned”, it is with whom Sanchez sits to negotiate to form a government. "Socialism was not this, it is not what Sanchez is doing and, therefore, there are many socialist voters ashamed of what is happening."

  • “In the Popular Party we are not calm and there are more than enough reasons to worry. The PP will make a frontal opposition to the excesses of Pedro Sánchez ”.

  • He emphasizes that “with every step that Sánchez takes, it becomes more complicated to reach agreements with the Popular Party” and recalls that the acting president has always said “no” to the proposals put forward by Pablo Casado.

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