The spokesman of the PP in the Senate, Javier Maroto, affirms that Pedro Sánchez, after laundering ERC and recognizing that there is a political conflict in Catalonia, wants to launder Bildu and Torra “colloslos de rondón” in the round of contacts.

  • “Among all the costume of meetings will bleach Bildu and Torra, despite the fact that Sánchez presumed not to take Torra's phone for his infamies. Now he will meet him for the requirement of ERC. ”
  • Maroto affirms that Sanchez, "so that it is not noticed so much and is not so crude, will put all the parties and the regional presidents in the round of contacts."
  • "There is no plan B, Sanchez only wants an agreement with Podemos and become vice president of Iglesias and, for that, he needs the independentists."
  • He emphasizes that Sanchez only has one plan, to agree with them who helped him in the motion of censure. "You can't force Sanchez to do something he doesn't want."
  • "Sanchez's plan does not include the Popular Party or Citizens, or any formula that does not include independentists."
  • “Sánchez is not trustworthy, even if he governed he would only continue talking about a Spain where there are 8 nations, he would continue to allow Bildu to govern Navarra, he would continue to say that it is good to put Iglesias as vice president, that it is good to repeal the labor reform of the PP or raise the taxes. The problem is Sánchez and the Popular Party is the solution. ”
  • Remember that the route proposed by Arrimadas now could have been applied by the PSOE and Citizens a few months ago, "when the sum of both parties gave them a majority."
  • On the possibility of reaching specific agreements with the PSOE, Maroto points out that “the PP is a state party, there are times when Spain is ahead of acronyms and those moments are increasingly. The PP, in matters of state, will always be there. ”

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