Javier Maroto en el Senado

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, calls on Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias to explain whether they have "in their heads the intention of freezing the pensions of our elders or the salaries of civil servants"

He assures that the motion of the GPP, which is debated tomorrow in the full Senate, will force all parties to position themselves on the freezing of pensions and the salary of public employees. "Yes or no. At last we are going to have the opportunity to portray the parties that support the Government and give it their support ”.

This doubt ends tomorrow because we are going to debate a motion of the PP that simply says this: The PP proposes that in the next Budgets neither freeze pensions, nor freeze the salary of public officials ”.

Maroto recalls that during the control session held this afternoon in the Senate, his group will ask Minister Ábalos if he has hired, at the request of the President of the Government, a personal friend of Sánchez for an amount of more than 18,000 euros .

He explains that "this hiring would be to make a report that, according to one media outlet, is full of spelling mistakes and is a short and paste".

He assures that "the GPP is frankly surprised and embarrassed by the information because this report is not worth 18,000 euros, what that amount is worth is the favor that must be paid to a friend of the Prime Minister because he does not have a job."

He points out that Ábalos will have the opportunity to explain if "just as they told him that he had to stop by the Madrid airport to chat with the vice president of the Venezuelan government, they have also given him directions to do a huge favor to Sánchez's personal friend."

Regarding the Code of Ethics that the Senate Board will study, Javier Maroto considers that it is essential to include, as it was in the previous one, compliance with the Constitution by deputies and senators, "although it may be repetitive."

The GPP considers it essential that "no party in Spain has doubts that compliance with the Constitution" is not an option "and therefore" what was already in the draft that was written by Ana Pastor be incorporated back into the document, then President of Congress, in the previous Legislature ”.

“It is a political opinion, not a technical one, politically we ask that compliance be reinstated. The fact that there is an Ethics Regulation that says that we must adjust and abide by the Constitution is not a repetitive element ”.

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