Javier Maroto en el Senado

The spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Javier Maroto, has stated, at a press conference after the Board of Spokesmen ended, that "Sánchez has failed his word once again" by not attending a monographic session on the pandemic in the Senate, at the same time that it delays the creation of a Mixed Commission for the social and economic recovery of Spain.

This is how forceful the GPP spokesman has expressed himself, who recalled that President Sánchez himself acquired the "commitment" to come to a monographic session at the parliamentary headquarters "before the summer", when "he preferred to stay home and leave the chair empty ”In the General Commission of Autonomous Communities.

Maroto explained that “today we have known that Sánchez is going to be at fault for his word and that he is going to postpone that commitment. Surely he has very important things to do, but it was Sánchez himself who made the commitment to come to the Senate and give an account, in a monographic session, of everything that affected the pandemic. That was the excuse why he left the chair empty in the General Commission of Autonomous Communities ”.

"But since there is no one without two, he has again failed to follow his word," denounced Maroto, who noted that in a control session he said "no" to the Commission for the economic and social recovery of Spain proposed by the PP, but opted for a Mixed Congress-Senate Commission. "

In this sense, the popular spokesman has emphasized that although the initiative of the GPP has had the "approval" of the Senate Table, the PSOE "has said no to include this point in the agenda of the next plenary session, which has already been you will see later ”.

"What does Sánchez have in mind that is more important and urgent than the de-escalation in the Autonomous Communities, precisely now that we see that there is a need to attend to them due to the regrowths that we are unfortunately observing?" Asked Maroto and added that " the emergency is now, not September ”.


On the other hand, Maroto has referred to the absence of Sánchez at the funeral that was held yesterday by the victims of COVID and assured that “Sánchez's soul is cold for not being with the victims. Sánchez wanted to demonstrate that it is more important to exacerbate anticlericalism, rather than accompany the victims, "he denounced.

"Politicians are also measured by gestures of humanity and solidarity. The coldness and the lack of affection that Sánchez had yesterday when he did not support the thousands of deceased people, is a not understanding absolutely nothing ”, he added

In addition, the popular spokesman in the Senate has stressed that “Sánchez spends more time in the electoral campaign and traveling in Falcón to see friends, than worried about the negative data on outbreaks. We hope that the President does not fall twice on the same stone again. ”


Regarding the attacks by Pablo Iglesias on the media, Maroto has stated that “the vice president is guilty because he points his finger at journalists simply because they sing the forty and tell him truths that are uncomfortable, but Sánchez is complicit in not draw attention to your vice president. ”

“You cannot have a Vice President of the Government who harasses journalists. If Sánchez is an accomplice, democracy suffers, so he should strike a blow at the table and tell him that not everything goes, "concluded the PP spokesman in the Senate.

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