El portavoz del PP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

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The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has stated that “in Spain we have one of the worst crises and unfortunately we have had the worst president in the democratic history of our country. Sánchez has demonstrated his ineffectiveness, his inability to control and his arrogance when acting. "

In an interview on the program Los Desayunos de TVE, the PP spokesman in the Upper House has reproached the President of the Executive who "does not recognize any of the most obvious mistakes he has made." In addition, he pointed out that the PP has supported in Congress the Royal Government Decrees "when his investiture partners have left him lying down."

Likewise, Maroto has pointed out that "we cannot understand the use of a decree for the coronavirus to put Pablo Iglesias in the CNI, we do not understand that a decree is used to favor the pardons of politicians imprisoned for committing crimes, or publish a decree that closes the economic activity half an hour before its start-up ”.

"The boss in the Sánchez Executive is Pablo Iglesias," said Maroto. "The measures they are taking, many of them contrary to what the economic sectors say, have the most serious consequences of economic destruction due to the left's ideological burden. They promise things that they do not know if they will be able to pay later, and this is true of churches and the radical left, ”he said.

In addition, Maroto recalled that in similar crises such as that of Ebola, "we have seen the PSOE calling for the resignation of ministers and surrounding the headquarters of the PP, when in that health crisis there were only two deceased and one infected. We do not act with the same yardstick, "he stressed.

On the other hand, the popular spokesman in the Senate has denounced that the PP is learning about the measures that the Government is adopting through the media. "The PSOE is a government with the votes of the PNV and the independence parties, and when they leave it lying, it asks us to support all the Royal Decrees."

“There are measures that we share, but there are others that nobody understands. Our speech is very simple: When there is zero income, a self-employed person must have zero taxes, but the Government has now spoken of a moratorium on the payment of the quotas of the self-employed on the same day that they had to pay them ”.

He also pointed out that the PP warned that the first priority was the health crisis, followed by the social and economic crisis. "Many of the measures that the government is now adopting we proposed long before."

"After this health crisis we will have to get Spain out of a very adverse economic crisis and, with Pablo Iglesias, Spain is not going to get ahead, until the last of Podemos knows that," he asserted.

Finally, Maroto recalled that the President of the Community of Madrid ordered the schools to be closed before the Government made the same decision, which the Mayor of Madrid warned that construction work could be a focus of contagion, or the cessation of all activities proposed by the President of Murcia "The Sánchez government said no to everything and then signed up for these measures," concluded Maroto.

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