"Sanchez is willing to change his speech as a jacket and has no problem kneeling before the independence"

  • “When someone says they are not willing to change anything they have in mind, it is the finding that they do not want our support, neither that of the PP nor that of Cs,” he explains in reference to the Sánchez-Casado meeting
  • “Sanchez told him not to resign to appoint Pablo Iglesias vice president, not to stop talking about government with ERC in the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​not to leave the support of Bildu in Navarra, not to not raise taxes or to repeal all PP reforms, not to mention that there are eight nations in Spain. He said no to everything ”
  • “Sánchez doesn't want the abstention of the PP, not even the support of the PP. He has made it clear by way of words and deeds ”
  • To the question of whether Sanchez is willing to change something so that the PP supports him or Cs or other forces, the answer is “I want with Podemos, that is indispensable” and, therefore, also with the independentistas.
  • “Now Torra is a very nice gentleman who likes all socialists very well, and with whom government can be formed. For that you have to camouflage that round of contacts starting with Urkullu ”
  • He assures that the decision of when the agenda of the government of Spain is launched “will be decided by a president who is escaped and a president who is incarcerated”
  • He affirms that “with the president of the PNV they can talk about the most serious case of corruption in the Basque Country, which affects more than 20 PNV leaders, who are asked for more than 30 years in jail for having been charging irregular commissions while they were in the Administration ”
  • “It would be necessary to ask the president of the PNV if this case also resembles ERC and JpCat. Because they did the same thing that 3 percent of Pujol did ”

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