Headlines of their interviews on Onda Cero and Telecinco

  • Javier Maroto says that everything we know about Sánchez's agreement with the independentists we know through the media or through the ERC leaks. "Pedro Sánchez must show his face now and give explanations to all Spaniards of the betrayal he is doing to Spain."
  • “If Sánchez does not show his face immediately, he is committing high treason to Spain. We have to know the terms of the agreement to see the consequences. ”

  • He affirms that “the Popular Party is going to be the party that makes Sanchez's betrayal of Spain difficult. Solid majorities are needed in Congress and in the Senate and the PP will be the counterweight. ”

  • Regarding the dates chosen by Sánchez for the investiture, Maroto points out that "it is part of the strategy" of the acting president. “The same day he told us what he was going to do with the PNV and with Podemos, but he tried to hide the agreement with ERC. And now he wants to wrap the endowment between the Kings packages. ”

  • "When we say that Sánchez is not trustworthy, it is because all the proposals made by Pablo Casado had a" no "answer. The PP cannot participate in a Sánchez government with Podemos and the independentistas, nor in an agreement that speaks of raise taxes or repeal the reforms of the Rajoy government.

  • "Sanchez lied shamelessly to all Spaniards during the campaign and the most famous phrase of all this is when he said that 'I will never agree with the populism of Pablo Iglesias because I could not sleep and generate insomnia to 90 percent of Spaniards" .

  • He warns that whoever knows nationalism, independence and especially in a divided autonomous community, such as Catalonia, the independence party that sits at that table will not sign an agreement that does not contain the referendum for independence.

  • “What we are seeing is something out of all logic. The Government of Spain is the one that is applauding Otegi from Bildu, the one that applauds Rufián from ERC and is the one that Pablo Iglesias wants. On them depends the future government of Spain ”, remarks.

  • He emphasizes that "the independentistas have not seen each other in their lives and have taken Sánchez in his weakness." Maroto wonders if "someone in their right mind can believe that after the ERC fight, they will not include independence in the negotiating table."

  • We are seeing today a negotiating table where an agreement is required and for this to occur the two parties have to coincide. "And if one of the parties is ERC and has the referendum as a totem of independence, it is clear that there will be no agreement if that is not included," he says.

  • “I have all the confidence that Torra is going to be disabled and Sánchez could have activated this issue,” says Maroto, who adds that “Sánchez is more comfortable when Torra is comfortable.”

  • He emphasizes that "there are socialists in good faith, because social democracy in this country is necessary, and these people are also outraged today with their party, with their own secretary general."

  • “Sánchez is doing the same thing he did with the motion of censure and drawing the same alliances that he wanted to do then: it is Sánchez who did not call Casado and it is Sánchez who has said no to the questions that Casado asked him: are you willing to leave to say that in Spain there is more than one nation; not to repeal the reforms of the PP; to not raise taxes. To all this, Sánchez said no.

  • In Spain there is a solid alternative, which is the PP. If we have learned something in the center right in Spain, it is that when we vote divided, Sanchez stays in the government. If Casado is not appointing ministers today, it is because many PP voters have divided the vote.

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