Javier Maroto entrevistado en Telecinco

Javier Maroto affirms that Sánchez does not understand anything. "Making the victims of COVID so ugly is unbecoming of any politician and more than a Prime Minister."

He assures that many victims are comforted with the celebration of this funeral, which is even attended by the Kings of Spain. "Sánchez confuses things."

"It hurts me to have a president who, at a time like this, does not have the sensitivity or humanity to make a gesture of affection and support for all victims, even at a Catholic funeral."

Remember that there are also acts of a secular nature and, therefore, “the PP normally attends both secular and non-confessional acts. Both are compatible ”.

Regarding the attacks by Pablo Iglesias on the media, Maroto affirms that "the vice president is guilty because he points his finger at journalists simply because they sing the forty and tell him truths that are uncomfortable, but Sánchez is complicit in not attracting attention his vice president. "

"They are contrasted truths, like that consulting firm that receives aid from Bolivia, which is investigated for it and which generated false campaigns to harass churches."

Regarding regrowths, he points out that there are some population groups that have relaxed too quickly and, in some cases, irresponsibly. "I understand that the Spanish are wanting to return to normal, but we have to be responsible."

He demands that Sánchez “do not trip twice on the same stone, that he does not ignore data that may be worrying and that he is vigilant”. “Looking the other way, being late and mismanaging the COVID crisis, left many people affected; let's not repeat the same mistake ”.

He assures that there is a majority of Spaniards who want to see how the State parties reach an agreement and highlights some of the PP's proposals, such as speeding up the data of those affected, reinforcing primary care and empowering Spanish companies that manufacture medical equipment.

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