El portavoz del PP en el Senado, Javier Maroto, durante la Sesión de Control en el Senado

"The lie is the worst quality of a politician, worse than inefficiency and you, without turning red even once, lie"

The spokesman of the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto has accused Pedro Sánchez of making his way of doing politics a lie. "In his government, any minister already knows that lying is free, because whoever presides over it has made the lie his way of doing politics." For Maroto, the normal thing in any democratic country is that Ábalos would have resigned or that the president would have stopped him, "but he will not do it, because he would have to cease himself."

Javier Maroto asked the president of the Government, during the control session in the Senate, if he had given the order to Minister Ábalos to meet with Delcy Rodríguez and what included the talks, classified as secret by Maduro.

"The lie is the worst quality a politician can have, even worse than inefficiency and, you, Mr. Sanchez, without ever turning red, lies." According to the popular spokesman, the meeting of Ábalos with Delcy Rodríguez “and his mysterious and elusive suitcases” did not occur in the limbo of an imaginary country, but in Spanish and European territory “and expressly the order was given to breach the mandate of Brussels so that, people like Maduro's number 2, do not step on our country for having violated human rights. And only you could give that order. ”

The spokesman of the PP has assured that the subject of Venezuela is of interest to everyone, it even matters to Justice, and there is already a judge behind this case and Minister Ábalos. "How many lies do you have left to cover the great truth?" He asked the president of the Government.

Javier Maroto has remembered Pedro Sánchez's deceptions, "when he said he would never become president with the support of the independentistas or when he said he would not form a government with Podemos because that would not let him sleep." And he added, "he lied then and lies once again trying to cover a truth that sooner or later will expose him, but while eroding the credit and the external image of our country by associating with the dictatorship of Maduro."


The popular spokesman has affirmed that "with all the string of lies he demonstrates that he puts his personal interest ahead of the responsibilities of a government president" Moreover, he puts his own personal interest before the general interest of the Spaniards. "

Javier Maroto has affirmed that Sánchez's problem is that “no matter how resistant you think and think you can cover a lie with another, lie to everyone and do it all the time, it is simply impossible and if not time” .


During his speech Javier Maroto has had a memory for small municipalities and explained that "the inhabitants of these municipalities have asked me to transfer what they think there of you." As he pointed out, “in those municipalities, no one understands that they name a fourth vice-presidency dedicated to depopulation and that at the same time make life impossible for farmers, the main population of these rural centers.

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