Javier Maroto, en declaraciones a los medios de comunicación

The spokesman of the PP in the Senate describes as "scandalous" the appointment of the State Attorney General.

The spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has affirmed that the appointment of Dolores Delgado as Attorney General of the State "is a blow and a kick to the separation of powers."

In statements in the Ana Rosa Program, Maroto has described this appointment as “scandalous” and stressed that the various associations of prosecutors have shown their rejection of the appointment of the former Minister of Justice. "It is an improper decision of an advanced democracy," he reiterated.

The spokesman for the popular in the Upper House has remarked that the State Attorney General "is an independent and less independent figure that Pedro Sánchez has is the former Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado."

“Can you imagine what would have happened if Mariano Rajoy appoints Gallardón as Attorney General? Maroto asked. In his opinion he would have "assembled the world cup" and stressed that this appointment is typical of countries like Venezuela, "where separation of powers is not respected."

In relation to the new Government of Sanchez, the PP spokesman recalled the words of Pablo Iglesias when he said he was going to fight the caste and “now, because he has a vice presidency, he has two official cars parked at the door of his Galapagar villa” , has ironic. He also referred to the words of Alberto Garzón when he described the King as "the citizen Bourbon" and yesterday "by a Ministry called His Highness and Majesty."


On the other hand, Maroto has announced that there are two key points in the PP strategy for the coming years. He has insisted on the idea that “if the voters of the right-wing center vote separately, Sanchez stays” and this has been reflected in the last two general elections. "We have to transfer to the voters that there is an alternative and if we present a candidacy like Spain Suma, today we could be appointing ministers."

“The PP will lead a moderate space alternative to Sánchez in which everyone feels comfortable. We want to gather around our project moderate people, people from the right center and even disenchanted social democrats, ”he said.

Finally, Maroto has referred to Borja Semper's decision to abandon politics and has said that it is “a personal decision that we must respect. “Yesterday I talked with him and he told me that it is a decision he makes not to live away from his family. The remoteness of the family has a high personal cost, ”said the spokesman of the PP in the Senate.

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