"We have attended a rosary of gestures to the gallery on even days and odd media postures"

The spokesman of the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has affirmed that “the Government has made Spain a country that does not work” with the 133 days of blockade that have made Spain a functioning country, and has asked the Minister of Economy and Business to tell the acting president "that he wants Spain as he likes himself".

During the control session in the Senate held today, the spokesman of the Popular Group, Javier Maroto, asked the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño about the measures that the Government has taken during the time he has been in office, to improve the economic and social situation of the country.

Javier Maroto has ensured that during the 133 days of blockade everything has happened except what had to happen, that is, that a stable government be formed. "We have attended a rosary of gestures to the gallery on even days and media postures on odd days." In addition, he explained that the mutual reproaches between Sánchez and Iglesias have been "a competition to see who makes clearer than the political relationship between both is as bad as the personal relationship. ”

The popular spokesman has addressed several questions to the minister about why the alliance between PSOE and Podemos “has been possible in Aragon, Navarra or La Rioja and is not possible in the Government of Spain” and if the problem “is not the acronym if not people. " In this sense, he has affirmed that Sánchez is the “only and last socialist who has not yet agreed with Podemos” and has wondered if “for the governance agreement, Sánchez is following the philosophy manual written by the president of the Senate” , (in reference to the information on plagiarism of the Philosophy Manual, published today by ABC) "If so, it seems that something very original will not come out" has sentenced.

Likewise, Maroto understands that Pedro Sánchez considers the agreement with the Autonomous Communities is “second and the only thing that is first is to continue in the Moncloa demanding that all its conditions be met”.

"He is believed to be the best – in reference to the acting president – because someone has told him that he is worth more than the others," he said. “Tell the president – he has asked Minister Calviño – to want Spain as he loves himself, maybe we will wake up from this blockade. We Spaniards do not want a fourth election in less than four years, ”he concluded.

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