El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto, en declaraciones a los medios desde Valencia

The GPP spokesman affirms that Pablo Iglesias "had the political renown and the indecency to deny that squatting is a real problem in Spain"

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has affirmed that "the left is more comfortable supporting squatters than protecting the people" and has described it as "indecency" that Pablo Iglesias denies that squatting is a problem.

In statements to the media in Valencia, together with the president of the PPCV, Isabel Bonig, Maroto recalled that the second vice president of the Government, in the last control session held in Congress, “had the political rennet and indecency of deny that squatting is a real problem in Spain ”.

In his opinion, "that is completely ignoring the reality of many Spaniards and denying evidence", for which he has announced that in the plenary session held next week, his Group will ask the Minister of the Interior for "what think about the occupation and thus discover if the Government says one thing through the mouth of Podemos and another through the mouth of the PSOE ”.


Likewise, Maroto has indicated that the Popular Group in the Senate, at the request of the PPCV and its president, has presented an appeal in the Constitutional Court to the Decree of the Government of the Valencian Community that allows the trial and withdrawal of any property transfer and real estate, "a decision that violates private property", has denounced. And he added that the "intervention and attack on private property does not go with the PP."

"Every time the PSOE, Podemos and Compromís go hand in hand, the private property of the people is always attacked," he emphatically remarked. For this reason, Maroto has asked Puig and Oltra to “dedicate half the time they spend on occurrences against private property, on squatters, who are laughing so richly at all the people who have bought houses in an honest way with their savings and his work".


On the other hand, the spokesman for the popular in the Senate has explained that the Territorial Group of senators of the Valencian Community has been formed, which will be chaired by Alberto Fabra. In addition, Senator Fernando de Rosa has been appointed secretary general of said Territorial Group.

Maroto has pointed out that the Valencian Community "needs more voice than ever in Madrid and the voice of Valencians is called the Popular Party." Thus, the constitution of the Territorial Group of Valencian senators in the Upper House will allow them "to have a double voice, that of the PP and that of their territory."

The PP spokesman also stressed that Alberto Fabra will have, in the next plenary session of the Senate, "a melee" with Pablo Iglesias to "undress, politically speaking, the double yardstick, double standards and lack of ethics of the left in matters of transparency and democratic hygiene ”.


Asked about the management of the pandemic in the Community of Madrid, Maroto has defended the work and management of Díaz Ayuso and has criticized “the permanent and unjustified attack by Sánchez and Iglesias on Madrid. The Community of Madrid has to defend itself from the virus and from the attacks by the Sánchez Government ”, he asserted.

In this sense, the GPP spokesperson stressed that Madrid, together with Ceuta, is the Community that has the lowest number of deaths per inhabitant. “We are fed up with the lies, excuses and confusion of the data. What we expect from Sánchez is that he will pitch in, not hide behind the Autonomous Communities and launch a Plan with concrete measures to correct the effects of the pandemic ”.

Finally, Javier Maroto has requested an Investigation Commission from the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias to "discover why they have lied so much, what they have bought and at what price", as well as to clarify all the doubts of their management ".

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