El portavoz del Grupo Parlamentario Popular en el Senado, Javier Maroto

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has affirmed that Spain, after the administration of the current government, has obtained the worst data in the health management of the current pandemic and is now the worst country in economic prospects, and he asked himself, “How can Spain do both things wrong? So the level of demand of the PP is accompanied by the level of proposals ", he assured.

In an interview on the Hoy por Hoy program of the Cadena SER, Maroto recalled that the PP supported the State of Alarm, that the Reconstruction Table is a proposal by Pablo Casado or the proposal of the Cajal Plan in health matters. "No government does it all badly, nor does it do it all right", but, he has clarified, that "when the data they had on health and also on economic matters are hidden, it is important that the Government be transparent and say what there is . Hiding the shame under the rug doesn't help the country. "

"The PP, which has had to face other crises, is willing to lean in to help Spain out of the crisis, we have offered agreements from minute one." For Maroto, “Spain -now- obtains first place in the data on deaths and infections worldwide, even above the United States if we compare it in percentage terms. The worst country in terms of health and now we see that it will also be the worst in economic terms ”, he pointed out.

Asked about the Decree of the new normality that is being voted on today in the Congress of Deputies, the GPP spokesman has indicated that “we will announce our position after listening to the minister. We want to see if the PP's proposals are manifested in his speech ”.

In this sense, Maroto has highlighted that the Government "is a specialist in saying one thing at 9 in the morning and then changing the speech" in the rostrum of Congress. "We want the confirmation that the positive proposals of the PP are collected," he stressed.

In addition, he recalled that the PP has requested that said Decree be processed as a Law Proposition so that, in this way, "we can propose improvements and present amendments, because the decree is improvable." Maroto has used ERTE in the tourism sector as an example, because "if they do not last until December, the sector will have a serious problem."


The spokesman has been in favor of supporting the candidacy of Nadia Calviño to preside over the Eurogroup and recalled the support of his party for the candidacies of Solbes, Borrell and Almunia "against the vetoes of the PSOE to Cañete and Guindos".

“We like that there are people with the best technical and political capacity representing us in Brussels. The PP has always been a responsible party and when it is good for Spain we always support the candidates, even if they have a different political card than ours. ”


In another moment of the interview, the spokesman for the popular in the Senate recalled that the Popular Group has presented a proposal to establish a Mixed Commission for the social recovery of Spain, in which all the Autonomous Communities are present. all work together to implement improvements, but so far Sánchez has not said yes or no. "

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