Javier Maroto Jornadas Activemos España con Europa

"Let's activate Spain is exactly this, to have the proposals to offer to all of society and I am a member of the Party that can offer more and better confidence to the Spanish"

  • He points out that “it is a great day for Europe, it is a great day for Spain; but it is not a great day for Sánchez, because he has had to give up what Sánchez was up to now ”.
  • He assures that “you have to build, you have to reform to be better and only by reforming do you get ahead; this is the message that in Spain we must understand ”.
  • "When Sánchez entered Moncloa yesterday, what did Sánchez's ministers applaud? What will they no longer be able to carry out their program? He asked.
  • He has opted for the "transcendent politics, the one that leaves its mark, which is not easy politics, that of the photo; because it is the brave policy at the moment that complex decisions have to be made ”.
  • He stressed that the Senate is the only Parliament that allows coordination between the Government of Spain, the governments of the Autonomous Communities, municipalities, and parties.

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