Javier Maroto, tras la Junta de Portavoces del Senado

Javier Maroto: “Despite the outbreaks, Sánchez and his government are again without a plan. What is Sánchez's plan? Again without a plan like before 8M? The same, again? Do we repeat the error again? ”

The PP spokesman has said that "we want to look at the responsibility of citizens and at that lack of responsibility of some, which may endanger the health and economic and social situation of many families who, yes, are complying with the rules" .

For this reason, Javier Maroto said, "Today we are going to ask Minister Illa what Sanchez has in mind in terms of regrowths because we do not know if there is any specific plan."

Javier Maroto: “The Dina-Iglesias case begins to be a matter that suffocates the Vice President of the Government. Every time we listen to him talk about sewers, we see that sewers are the area in which he works best, like a fish in water. ”

The PP spokesman advises Iglesias to "rehearse, at least in Parliament, the explanations he has to give, because he will end up having to give them in front of a judge."

Javier Maroto regrets that "there is no forecast that Sánchez will appear at the first plenary session in September and" the GPP wants to give Sánchez a serious attention call so that he respects this House and, above all, respects his own word.

The popular spokesman recalls that Sánchez “promised to explain in Parliament the social, economic and health consequences of the Covid crisis and not only failed to do so before the summer, but now he does not know if he will do it, or when. , in the new session, starting in September ”.

Regarding the results of the elections in Galicia and the Basque Country, Maroto assures that “when the PP in an autonomous election achieves the absolute majority, it seems quite reasonable to congratulate the PP president.

He assures that Pedro Sánchez has campaigned against the nationalists and the independentistas making the following speech: "Gentlemen, vote for the nationalists and independentistas, who are the ones who are worthwhile in their land and who are the ones who get things through the Government "

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