The PP spokesman says that "Sanchez has to always go one step ahead, not one step behind"

The spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, said that the PP "is the only party that has the capacity to solve the main problems that Spain has in the coming months: the Catalan crisis and the economic crisis." Thus, he has asked Pedro Sánchez to take action in relation to Catalonia: "The president must always go one step ahead, not one step behind."

Maroto, after meeting with different associations of small commerce in Palma de Mallorca, has assured that the independentistas “continue to challenge the Constitutional Court and the whole of the powers of the State. Thus, he said that his party follows with concern what is happening in Catalonia and "that has a lot to do with the irresponsibility of Torra."

"Since the street has been filled with radicals and violent people, we cannot have the same president who encourages demonstrations that end in violent acts," he said.

In addition, the spokesman for the popular in the Senate has stressed that Pedro Sánchez is not acting with "speed" to violent acts in Catalonia. “From the PP we support the Government, but it is being late. The National Security Law had been applied for days. ”

In relation to the economic crisis that different international organizations are announcing, Javier Maroto has affirmed that the policy of the PSOE is based on “hiding the figures, presenting false figures to Europe and making the recession more serious”, referring to 6,000 million euros which he has hidden in the accounts he has sent to Europe.

In the face of socialist policies, “the PP proposes measures of economic activation, job creation and tax reduction of all taxes without exception. The PP has the ability to solve the main problems that Spain has in the coming months, the Catalan and economic crisis. He does not stand still, his legs are not tense, he does not say one thing in the morning and another in the afternoon.

On the other hand, Maroto has argued that all that is not to group the center-right vote in the Popular Party, is to give the absolute majority to the PSOE and recalled that in the Senate the Socialists won the majority by losing more than 5,900. 000 crosses on the Senate ballot to Vox without getting any elected senator.

In addition, the spokesman of the PP has assured that the Senate will take more prominence than ever in the next Legislature, since it is the Chamber where the Autonomous Financing should be discussed, one of the main debates in the Autonomous Communities.

"The Senate – he underlined – is the forum for all Autonomous Communities, political parties and the Government to forge the distribution of resources for the coming years."

Finally, Maroto, who was accompanied by the president of the PP of the Balearic Islands, Biel Company, has revealed the “plot strength of the PP of the Balearic Islands, which knows the land at street level and make many of the claims of small businesses , which has pending needs in the sector ”.

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