Javier Maroto, tras la Junta de Portavoces del Senado

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, points out that next week's plenary session will debate a Proposal of Law, presented by its political background, to classify as a crime the illegal referendum that may occur in Catalonia.

-He affirms that "we see Catalan pro-independence politicians more bullish than ever and the rule of law has to be perfectly prepared, from moderation and calm, to give a forceful response to these challenges."

– Remember that the illegal referendum was a crime in Spain, but the Socialist Party decided to eliminate it and, as a result of that decision, we have seen all the legal difficulties that the Judicial Power has had in our country to be able to sentence on the criminal acts that occurred in Catalonia".

– Stresses that the crime of illegal referendum "should never have disappeared from our legal system", so it encourages other groups to support the initiative of the PP.

– Complaint that "Torra's challenge, with Puigdemont in the background from Waterloo, is stronger than ever again" and, therefore, the PP wants "our legal system to once again contemplate clearly that an illegal referendum is a crime" .

– "From the PP we want to defend all Catalans, whatever they vote, from the irresponsibility of their political leaders."

– Remember that when Ibarretxe and the PNV "decided to run over the rule of law, the illegal referendum was a crime and surely for that reason Ibarretxe did not take another step and decided not to risk his skin, politically speaking".

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