The spokesman of the PP in the Senate says that the president "is aggravating a situation that is complex"

The spokesman of the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, said that “the Popular Party would like to support Sánchez in relation to Catalonia, but unfortunately that is difficult because he does nothing. It is absolutely stopped. ”

In this sense, Maroto has insisted that when we are experiencing a tension in the streets of Catalonia and the president does nothing, "it is aggravating a situation that is complex."

The PP asks Sánchez not to look back and insists that we are in time to promote the National Security Law. “You can take control of the Mossos to prevent situations of violence from being directed by Torra, who is part of the cause. In the morning he calls people to go outside and in the afternoon he calls the Mossos to stop those same people, ”he added.

According to the spokesman of the popular in the Senate today is a hectic day in Catalonia, “with an illegal strike call supported, supported and promoted by the Government of the Generalitat”.

Maroto recalled that those images with fire in the containers, burning cars and hooded people throwing nuts and acid, “are the same as I remember in the streets of the Basque Country. They are images that generated social confrontation, which divided and intimidated society and caused a very serious economic damage ”. And he added, "what Torra is doing with the Catalans is deeply unfair."

The PP spokesman has met in Guadalajara with businessmen from the automotive workshops and car dealerships sector, accompanied by the president of the PP of Castilla-La Mancha, Paco Núñez, and the number 1 Senate candidate, Antonio Román, among others .

For Maroto, the automotive sector is a warning antenna for the national economy. "We want to know that impression because an economic crisis needs a government that is up to par and the PSOE not only does not live up to it, but it will deny and sharpen it," he said.

Finally, Javier Maroto has asked the citizens of Castilla-La Mancha for confidence in the PP and has assured that “the PSOE is raising taxes and maintaining high tax pressure in this Community. “Let's not allow that in addition to Page's taxes we suffer Sanchez's. We can prevent the fiscal pressure from doubled, ”he concluded.

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