El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

After the meeting of the Board of Spokesmen, the spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, stated that "there has never been a government in democracy with so much power and so little control", given the refusal of the PSOE to hold executive control sessions in the upper house.

According to the spokesman for the popular in the Senate, the Socialists do not want to hold control sessions because for them it is "uncomfortable" that we ask the Government for everything that the Spanish consider important. "How is it possible that they use the state of alarm to put Pablo Iglesias through the back door at the CNI?" Maroto has given as an example.

The popular spokesman has stressed that the Government does not want us to ask him about the purchase of the failed tests or about the delay in the publication in the BOE of the Royal Decree Law on the paralysis of economic activity.

In addition, he explained that it does not make sense that the PSOE refuses to hold control sessions, alluding that it is not convenient to displace the senators, "when in Congress if plenary sessions are being held."

Maroto has assured that "we have a Prime Minister who only answers canned questions, tailored by the Secretary of State for Communication, and that is neither democratic, nor is it control, nor is it what citizens in our country ask for."

"We want to ask President Sánchez questions in the Senate and positive proposals in plenary sessions where the vast majority of seats are empty, but where the 10 senators who ask the questions may be," he said.

In addition, Maroto recalled that the President of the Senate herself stated at the last Board of Spokespersons her willingness to hold plenary sessions with a few senators and members of the Government. "This appears in the acts of the Senate, but today Pilar Llop wanted to look the other way as a member of the socialist party."


On the other hand, the PP spokesman has also claimed, during the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons, the convocation of the General Commission of Autonomous Communities, a request that has also been rejected by the PSOE.

In this sense, Maroto has ensured that the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities "is the only legal and constitutional forum that exists in Spain to bring together political parties, the governments of the Autonomous Communities and the Government of the nation" .

"Never in our history has there been such a necessary moment as this to debate coordination in health, economic and territorial matters in this forum, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic."

For this reason, Maroto has announced that his Group has registered a request for the express convocation of the General Commission of Autonomous Communities, "where you can debate the pending issues in the health coordination, what needs exist and what issues are not resolved."

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