El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

– The PP spokesman in the Senate affirms that the only thing that moves Pedro Sánchez is "to continue being president whatever, to continue to hold power whatever."

– He reproaches Sánchez that "his only political program is to be in power, retain it and occupy it."

– It assures that the Prime Minister "holds power without shame by exhibiting himself for more than 20 days in the National Heritage Palaces, or using the Falcón as if it were his private vehicle."

– The PP spokesman points out that while Sánchez rested, "Spain was facing the worst figures of the second wave of the pandemic, which as a whole has already taken the lives of 50,000 Spaniards, whom you do not even recognize as victims" .

– Remember that "parents do not understand that something as predictable as going back to school was so little planned and not many Spaniards know how they are going to make it to the end of the month and how their jobs or businesses will be at the end of the year."

– Maroto accuses Sánchez of “holding himself in power with those who do not respect the Constitution, with those who want to destroy the coexistence system of 78, with those who openly attack the King and Justice, and with those who work for the breakdown of territorial unity ”.

– It shows that there has never been a government "so large, not only by the number of ministers, but also by the number of advisers, collaborators and other personnel, appointed with a blatant family and partisan nepotism."

– He accuses Sánchez of "launching empty and hollow speeches in which he only asks for support, but without saying what he is going to do or where he wants to go."

– Maroto reproaches Sánchez for transferring responsibility for the pandemic to the Autonomous Communities, "after having refused to appear in the General Committee of the Autonomous Communities of the Senate and leaving the chair empty."

– Remember that Pablo Casado proposed a working Commission in the Senate to promote regional and local coordination and "you dismounted."

– He points out that “they did not stop talking about the Minimum Vital Income and now it is so minimal that it is only granted to 1% of Spaniards. And 1% is what remains for Sánchez of credibility with the Spanish ”.

– Qualifies as “forced” Sánchez's meeting with the IBEX staff, “leaving out the self-employed, who are, after the State, the largest company in Spain; for all of them our love and appreciation ”.

– The "maneuver" with whatsapp and the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary disgust Sánchez; and affirms that "if Podemos is going to kill judges in the Council, when it is a party that attacks them, do not count on the PP." "The PP is not a crutch for you to continue to be the head of the Government," he remarked.

– “You are willing to satisfy the independence movement without limits, even with a breaking table, in order to save the Budgets. This is very serious and is unworthy of a president of the Government of Spain ”, Javier Maroto points out emphatically.

– It shows that Sánchez "can count on the PP for concrete measures, not a blank check for Budgets of which we do not know everything, not even if they are supported by both parts of the Government."  Regarding the distribution of the European funds of the 140,000 million euros, Maroto affirms that “it cannot be done with obscurantism, nor with arbitrariness, nor with partisan tacticisms”.

– In this sense, it recalls the PP's proposal to create an Agency for Economic Recovery, "to supervise the distribution of funds with transparency and neutrality."

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