Ensures that we must make an effort to concentrate the vote around the PP, "although we do not have the same way of thinking"

The spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has affirmed that “we are all free to vote with our ideas. We are closer than ever to an electoral triumph. We need just one more push and vote together to get Sánchez de La Moncloa. ”

The popular spokesman, accompanied by the general secretary and candidate for the Senate by Castellón, Salomé Pradas, among others, has assured that the Popular Party in all the polls leads the most useful alternative for all voters who do not want to see Sanchez one more day in La Moncloa, “including Mr. Tezanos, although he has given him a hives for giving a rise to the PP in the CIS”.

"We know that if we divide the vote of center right Sanchez rubs his hands," he said. "It is who is most interested in dividing the center right vote," he added.

Maroto has insisted that we must make an effort to concentrate the vote even if we don't have the same way of thinking about the three parties in the center-right block. In addition, he explained that unlike the elections of April 28, in which the five candidates who were running, rivaled, "today we are certain that the next president of the Government is called Pablo Casado or Pedro Sánchez."

On the other hand, the PP spokesman said he felt "his deepest pain" to see hooded again throwing stones and impeding the access of students at the University of Barcelona. "It's a shame to see young university students have that undemocratic attitude." And he has described as “undemocratic anomaly” that Torra feels with the head of the Mossos de Escuadra on one side of the table and on the other with the independentistas, “who say that violence in the streets is very good for independence It is known throughout Europe. ”

"That President Torra is the head of the Mossos is an unassuming situation," Maroto denounced. And he has criticized the attitude of Pedro Sánchez, “who wants to hide it because he continues to govern with independentistas in 40 institutions, including the Diputación de Barcelona. That makes Sánchez a weak president and in the face of his weakness, the moderation and strength of the Popular Party. ”

Javier Maroto has supported the president of the PP of the Valencian Community, Isabel Bonig, who demonstrates an “enormous love and ability to work for her land”, and has affirmed that from the national leadership she has the support in the “first division scandal” ”Of the alleged case of the brother of Puig. "We are shocked and alarmed that public money has allegedly ended up in the hands of a lord just for being the president's brother."

Finally, the spokesman for the popular in the Senate has ensured that the people of Castellón hit hard in the Community and in the Upper House, "where Salomé Pradas is doing a magnificent job", number two of the Popular Group and candidate.

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