Stresses that those Autonomous Communities that are in this situation are in the dilemma of creating a deficit or making social cuts

The spokesman of the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, said today that "we are facing a threat of millionaire social cuts" if Sanchez does not resolve the regional financing, during the Permanent Deputation held today in the Upper House.

“The situation of uncertainty in the regional financing is derived from the fact that we are facing a scenario of social cuts and the matter cannot be disguised in another way,” said Maroto, while explaining that “those Autonomous Communities that have not approved even the budget, for various reasons, cannot enable additional items derived from these payments on account, increased by 4.8 billion euros, which today are in limbo so they cannot provide these social services with economic resources. ”

In this sense, the popular spokesman has affirmed that “when a social resource does not appear in the budgets and there is funding in the state coffers to be able to do so, it is a de facto social cut”.

In the celebration of the Permanent Delegation in which the GPP has requested the holding of an extraordinary session of the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities to address the problems of regional financing, the popular spokesman has made it clear that the proposal brought by the PP “ it is in positive, in the spirit of solving a question among all and that is very important ”.

In this sense, Maroto has considered "very priority" that this matter was resolved before the beginning of this session, in one of the ways: "either with a distribution of those payments on account, or with an explanation and proposed solution that give absolute stability to all the autonomous communities ”.


Thus, the leader of the PP has explained that “those Autonomous Communities that have approved the budget and have in their income statement the amounts allocated, which are the result of the documentation that the Government of Spain has provided to the Autonomous Communities, are now in the dilemma of making a social cut or playing it, politically speaking, and incurring a deficit that cannot be allowed ”.

Thus, the spokesman of the PP has indicated that, in the opinion of the GPP, “yes there are legal tools to be able to make these payments on account and that settlement of VAT, although the Government of Spain is in operation, simply by the fact that the Government has already approved other content through Royal Decrees. Therefore it is a matter of political will. ”

"Also, he stressed, we know that there is an alleged report from the State Advocacy that this group does not know, that there are many CCAA counselors who do not know, that I do not know if someone knows in this room and that it would be very interesting to share " "If you have the report, photocopies on the way out and this debate is over," he has questioned the socialist spokesman.

“A legal doubt that is cleared by the way of the facts, Maroto explained, is that what the Government came to call on social Fridays was nothing more than to approve by Royal Decrees while in office. And if that can be done, why can't it be done now? ”

Javier Maroto said that "social cuts can be avoided if the Government of Spain and the Autonomous Communities agree and resolve this situation." "The GPP wants to be a positive agent to reach a solution: there is no lack of money, lack of transfer," he said.

Finally, the leader of the PP has said that nobody escapes that “we are, although nobody wants it, before a scenario of electoral uncertainty and if the Government is still in office we would be facing a position of weakness of the CCAA that would have to make cuts social, when the Government of Spain has in its pocket, in the Treasury, the amounts ”.

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