Javier Maroto en la Sesión de Control al Gobierno en el Senado

He assures that "Sánchez acts with pride and has tried to lie to all Spaniards"

In a spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, said that "the Spanish are fed up because the Sánchez government has been late to this health crisis and they have been profoundly ineffective in their management. Two months later and with more than 20,000 deaths, citizens are fed up with what is happening in Spain. "

During his intervention in the control session held this afternoon in the Upper House, Maroto has accused the Government of trying to "lie one occasion after another" and of acting with "arrogance". In addition, he assured that "they have been ineffective in the main, providing sanitary material."

Thus, the spokesman for the popular in the Senate has reproached Vice President Calviño that "the embarrassing episode of the false masks bought as true, will remain as the image of your Government."

Maroto also recalled that the Government “has tried to lie to us” when it explained to “the 4 million workers affected by the ERTES that theirs was like a maternity leave; when he told us that the masks were only for the sick and then that they were essential for everyone; and, "the worst, when they have tried to hide the real number of deaths from this disease."

The PP spokesman has asked the 3rd Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, what are the proposals that the Government will accept of all those proposed by Pablo Casado and that are included in the Decalogue presented a month ago.

"You have acted with pride saying that you do not regret anything," Calviño snapped, and recalled that Minister Marlaska "instead of wanting to put a mask on our mouth, wants to put a muzzle on us."

Maroto has demanded that the vice president present an "effective plan" against the pandemic and pointed out that "perhaps we discover that his plan includes the proposals presented a month ago by Pablo Casado and with absolute loyalty to the Spanish".

GENERAL COMMISSION OF THE AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITY On the other hand, the GPP spokesman has criticized the absence of President Sánchez in the General Commission of Autonomous Communities, which will be held on Thursday, April 30, with the autonomous presidents and the various formations policies. "The partridge has been dizzy for a month, but it already has a date," he noted.

Maroto has affirmed that Sánchez's absence "is a contempt for the autonomous presidents", especially considering that some of them had expressly asked to participate in the meeting of the aforementioned Commission.

"Today we have received like a jug of cold water that Sánchez does not want to attend the meeting of the Commission of the CC.AA", he asserted, while reproaching the Prime Minister for delegating to the Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina You would give, "when it has no competences in health, social policy or economy."

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