Casado proposes a commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic to determine the “negligence” of the Government and its responsibilities
Today, during an interview at Cope

The Popular Group spokesperson in the Senate affirms that "Sánchez, every time he is in trouble, takes out Franco, the Valley of the Fallen or the pazo de Meirás", referring to the reform of the Historical Memory Law announced by the Government.

He describes Sánchez as a "compulsive liar" for saying that Spain would not receive EU aid if it did not have a budget and recalls that Europe has made it perfectly clear that this is not true.

He assures that "when the only objective of the Budget is to keep Sánchez in the Government, we cannot be his crutch, that is why a priori we cannot support some Budgets that we do not know."

He remarks that regarding Budgets “Sánchez has no plans, he has scripts and the only thing he has prepared are his insults to the PP. He doesn't care about a torn one or a ripped one, one day he sits down with Otegui to exchange ETA prisoners for money, and another sits down with Arrimadas ”.

“Sánchez confuses that when you don't say amen to what he says and when he says it: moral, you are against Spain. This is deeply unfair and deeply false. Saying yes to everyone should not be confused with having a responsible opposition ”.

Remember that the PP has made proposals in economic, educational, health and squatting matters, "but Sánchez only cares about being in power, some partners don't care about others."

He emphasizes that "the Investigation Commission on this pandemic is not an option, it is an obligation of democracy, because there is much to explain and that is why we have proposed it, as well as because it is a clamor in the street."

Although "the message that Sánchez sends is I am the State, I command everything, I am the sole command, he has to give an account to the Spanish for everything they have done." For this reason, Maroto believes that the Investigation Commission is necessary with the sole objective of "clarifying the responsibilities of each one."

Maroto accuses Sánchez of using "propaganda and harassment and demolition" against the president of the Community of Madrid, despite being the one with the lowest number of deaths per inhabitant in outbreaks.

"The Government is more interested in propaganda than in fighting this second wave of the virus" and recalls that Sánchez "has been lying in the sun on vacation until August 22 and his only concern was the mosquitoes of Doñana."

He denounces the "negligence and abandonment of functions" of the Government and points out that not even in the number of deaths due to the pandemic "they are able to agree within the Executive itself."

Regarding the renewal of the CGPJ, Maroto points out that the PP proposes that the judges themselves choose their representatives and not the political parties.

"If the objective of Podemos is to place judges in the CGPJ, to attack the judges from within, the PP is not going to support Sánchez in such madness, because it goes against democracy itself and the separation of powers."

Regarding the corruption cases that affect the PP, Maroto recalls that Pablo Casado, as president of the PP, has said that "whoever does it pays and it is a maxim that I sign right now."

He denounces the double yardstick of the left regarding corruption and recalls that the PSOE's code of ethics indicates that a public official must abandon his post when an oral trial is opened, not before. Do not want to apply this maxim to others, "the PP must be burned like a bonzo."

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