He advocates fighting populism and nationalism "that are the same ghosts of the twentieth century that reappear in the XXI"

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has today called for the EPP to firmly prevent the pro-independence deputies who seek to acquire the status of European deputies from instrumentalizing the community institutions "at the service of a xenophobic, supremacist and excluding cause".
"We must not allow it. The PPE must remain extremely firm, "said the popular leader, who stressed that" what is done within the law we can accept, but you can not use community institutions to encourage processes of social, economic, constitutional and of the law itself. "
In this line, Casado has warned that "if you accept the thesis of territorial rupture and legal fracture advocated by the independence movement in Spain, then Italy, France, Romania or Germany will come" and that, therefore, the problem is not only national but also European.
During his speech at the meeting of the Group of the European People's Party held today in San Sebastian in which the popular leader has remembered the victims of terrorism and described the capital of San Sebastian as "a land of peace and freedom", Casado has warned about the resurgence in the 21st century of the same ghosts of the twentieth century that "now disguise themselves as modernity": populism and nationalism.
Married has bet, facing the future, to strengthen the EU and that it recovers its founding principles, while advocating "to speak of a better Europe and not of more Europe".
Along with this, the president of the PP has claimed a single voice in Europe in terms of defense of borders, common immigration and a relevant role in international conflicts, as in the case of Venezuela, Cuba, the Middle East or Africa.
In addition, he has called for a return to the Europe of prosperity and has invited a reflection to see how it can be more competitive and not be on the sidelines of the fourth industrial revolution.
Finally, Pablo Casado has opted for "the ambition responsible for looking to the future and the pride of looking to the past" and recalled that the PP is the party of people, which promotes the creation of employment or the fight against climate change . "We have to see how Europe returns to lead the world that needs us more than ever," he concluded.

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