Mitin celebrado en Ávila

He has warned that, if he does not do so, he will be committing "a crime of prevarication"

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has assured today in Ávila, that if the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, suspends the coup prisoners of their deputy status "it is thanks to the responsible and firm opposition of the PP , that will not happen even one. " In addition, he has warned that if he does not do so, he will be committing "a crime of prevarication."

In an act of the PP celebrated today in Ávila, next to the number one candidate to the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat; the European Commissioner for Action for Climate and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, and the mayoral candidate, Sonsoles Sánchez, among others, Casado said he is concerned "that Sánchez tell Junqueras 'do not worry', because that do not worry it's 'I'm going to pardon you.' " "Are you going to pardon the coup prisoners as Felipe González did with the 23F?" Asked Pablo Casado.

Similarly, the leader of the PP has stressed that Sunday's elections are also a "national election" because many people have realized that the 28A "Sanchez was a Trojan horse of independence," a "Russian doll" in the that Sanchez was on the outside, but Puigdemont, Junqueras and Iglesias were inside.

Throughout his speech, Pablo Casado has stressed that the PP will not agree with the left, or with Podemos or the batasunos and has demanded PSOE and Citizens "clarity in the pacts." "What is it that they are going to agree with the PSOE in those sites that are not very close to Sanchez?" He exclaimed, referring to Albert Rivera's party.


Next, he assured that Dolors Montserrat "will lead in Europe not only the issues related to agriculture and livestock, or the energy transition, but also our deputies will have to deal with the independence and the falsehoods that try to spread in Europe .

In this order of affairs, Casado recalled that when the PP is strong in Europe it is doing well in Spain and has set as examples Loyola de Palacio, Miguel Arias Cañete and Isabel García Tejerina, who brought 47,500 million euros for the Spanish field, for all our farmers and ranchers.


Similarly, Casado has exemplified in the PSOE candidate to the Community of Madrid, Angel Gabilondo, the bad policies that can reach the autonomous communities if they win the Socialists next Sunday. "He is the minister of the educative law of Zapatero, the one of 30% of failure and scholastic abandonment. That is a mortgage for our children, "he stressed.

Similarly, the president of the PP has ironized that Sanchez wants to create a Ministry of Depopulation. "It is not a question of what the ministry is called, it is what is done", and in that sense, it sets an example of the work and proposals of the PP to fix the population through aid to agriculture or rural and cultural tourism.

To conclude, he stressed that the PP maintains the illusion because it is doing well where it governs: "Let's go and convince people by encouraging them, telling them that this is their party, the one that has lowered taxes, the common house of the center right, which defends national unity, international prestige and our principles against the independence. "

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