Pablo Casado en el cierre de campaña en Madrid

He affirms that the PP is the home of the center-right and that after 26M the voters can be sure that they will not be disappointed. "This is going to be the great center-right party that astonished Spain and never disappointed its voters."
Emphasizes that the PP will be "the counterweight to the Government of Sanchez with independentistas, batasunos and podemitas" in the municipal, provincial and autonomous administrations.
Demand to agglutinate the vote to the PP of Spain "that wants to defeat the left and sectarianism", because "there are no three rights" and is the only one that "brings together the center and the right".
Explains that the PP is "an open party proud of its identity, principles and values" and that next Sunday we must make history so as not to suffer "ruin of the left and its partners."
He warns that the PP will not allow "the left to bow to the pro-independence, batasunos and communists who want to destroy our shared history."
Criticizes that it is not normal that Sanchez "has negotiated pardons for seats; the impunity of the coup plotters in exchange for an investiture and that they hide it until 26M to hide their true road map ".
It stands out that the 26M can choose between candidates who bet to raise taxes or to restrict the freedom of the families, or for the project of the PP, "of the Spain that dawns, of the middle classes, with unbeatable management balances".
"We are the party of citizens who rise early; of the victims of terrorism who do not want to see tributes to bloodthirsty ETA members; of the Spaniards who wake up early because they want to continue living in a united nation, "he says.
Calls for the vote for the PP to lead "this European project against the aggressions of populists, nationalists, the same ghosts that plagued the European continent" disguised as a "false modernity", which hides "supremacism, racism and danger of social rupture of always ".
Affirms that a strong PP in Europe will serve to continue "vindicating our values ​​to defend rights and freedoms" in the continent.

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