Marta Blanco participates in the BIAC-OECD virtual meeting on the Resilience of Global Supply Chains

The president of CEOE International and vice president of the Business at OECD Trade Committee, has participated in the virtual meeting, organized by Business at OECD with the OECD, to discuss the Resilience of Global Supply Chains and Experiences during the Pandemic. The meeting was attended by the new OECD Director of Trade, Marion Jansen.

The meeting discussed with the OECD the main conclusions reached in the consultative work carried out by Business at OECD on supply chains that are included in its report: Covid-19 Supply Chain Case Studies. To comPilation of business perspectives on the pandemic’s disruptive effects.

Three fundamental aspects stand out from the intervention by Marta Blanco:

  • The importance of market opening and defense of multilateralism for diversification.
  • The need to work on creating a virtual trust framework, essential for the development of commercial relationships given the rise of electronic commerce during the pandemic.
  • The multilateral coordination in mobility, as a matter of priority for the continuation of business. It is necessary to reach a common criterion, to work on the transparency of the measures and in alternative wayss travel safe. Attention is drawn to the need to avoid the imposition of quarantines, opting for other alternatives such as testing at origin or destination.

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