"We need a government that has the conviction, strength and vision to turn our country into one of the great references"

⦁ Defend that, faced with the new challenges posed by the advance of the digital world for the coming years, which defines as a period of great opportunities, Pablo Casado is in charge of Spain, which in just one year has given us back the illusion and the hope that another government is possible and that the policies of the PP are essential for our future.

⦁ He warns that we need a government, that of Pablo Casado, "that has the conviction, the strength and the vision to turn our country into one of the great references of digital economies and societies, a benchmark of the future". ⦁ Alert about the misuse that some technological companies make of our private data and that endanger our political, labor and private life, and defends a legislation that guarantees the privacy of the users.

⦁ Affirms that privacy or the right to be forgotten are some of the aspects that still do not have a response or a clear solution and to which technological platforms and public administrations must respond. "Our privacy, image and integrity must be protected in the digital world in the same way as in real life," he has defended.

⦁ Ensures that in the face of the great challenges and opportunities of the coming years to improve the quality of life, work, or economy, next year half a million jobs will be left unfilled in the EU due to lack of technological profiles.

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