Holders of their statements:

  • He denounces that the acting President of the Government “hides shamefully” and does not give explanations to the Spaniards in Parliament, when he should do so, after the holding of two European councils, in which the EU Presidency has been elected, and others Institutions
  • He affirms that, if he does not give explanations in the Congress, we will have “one more example of Sánchez's arrogance and contempt for Parliament and the institutions”, who being deputy claimed President Rajoy for those same appearances, since “a functioning Government does not It is an uncontrolled government. ”
  • Remember that two months after the 2015 General Elections, forty-five days after the elections, the Government appeared to report the issues before the European Council, as Rajoy later did to account for European Councils and a summit held in Turkey.
  • He asks Sánchez to comply with his words at the time, asking for the appearance of the acting president, because he considered it “necessary and obligatory”, and considered that, in a situation like the one in Spain, the Government was obliged to parliamentary control.

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