Marta González, durante la segunda votación de la sesión de investidura

Holders of their intervention in plenary:

  • The deputy spokeswoman of the GPP denounces the silence of the Government on the Á Ábalos case ’:“ Sanchez and his minister are silent right now, scrutinizing that the issue is sub iudice so as not to worsen a dark plot of lies. ”
  • “Ábalos denied everything and lied from the beginning, even six times. And he lied to this House. We demand his cessation for meeting with Delcy Rodríguez in Spanish territory, ignoring the European sanctions that prevent his entry into community land. ”
  • It calls on the Government to “not abandon” Venezuela and portray: “It must support its legitimate president Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly of Venezuela – chaired by Guaidó – against the illegitimate Constituent Assembly, so that democratic and free elections can be held sooner".
  • “The Executive wants to avoid giving explanations about the number of suitcases that left Delcy Rodríguez's plane, about the content of his meeting with Minister Ábalos, about the recordings of Barajas' cameras and about his new position around the Chavez regime of Mature".
  • He stressed that the Government should provide “all the information that a democratic State deserves about this unfortunate episode” for the effective development of an Investigation Commission on ‘the Ábalos case’.
  • "The Executive boasts a transparency that is lacking, and intends to silence those who denounce what is already a great scandal and an imposture," he warns.
  • Marta González, to Vice President Calvo: “Venezuela matters. Venezuela matters to us and it hurts. 140,000 Venezuelans have sought in Spain a refuge from the predatory devastation of their country and about 80,000 Spaniards, many Galicians, still live there. ”

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