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The communication secretary of Cs in Catalonia regrets the low turnout because "whenever the Catalans go to vote en masse, constitutionalism grows and Cs grows"

"A pro-independence majority is 4 more years of social division and loss of opportunities compared to other autonomous communities." This was said by the communication secretary of Ciudadanos (Cs) in Catalonia, Nacho Martín Blanco, at a press conference to assess the results of the 14F. Martín Blanco has assured that now there are only two options: "A separatist government of JxCat, ERC and the CUP" or "A tripartite of the left", And these two "Ways of governing harm the Catalans."

The communication secretary of Cs in Catalonia has regretted the low participation because "forever that the Catalans are going to vote en masse, constitutionalism grows and Cs grows ”. "For democracy, it is always bad news that almost half stay at home and do not go to vote" has assured. Martín Blanco has recognized that "It is a bad day for the party that embodies constitutionalism in Catalonia" and has highlighted that the orange formation is the one that has presented "The largest number of social proposals" pTo improve the lives of Catalans in the Parliament when "The pro-independence parties only present resolutions to improve the lives of their prisoners." He also recalled that Cs has achieved the "Disqualification of Torra for his abuses and lack of institutional respect" Y "That TV3 does not use terms such as 'political prisoners' or 'exiles'".

Finally, the Orange Communication Secretary has made self-criticism for the "Inability to mobilize the constitutional voter" but he has defended that "This is not the time to make big changes" within Ciudadanos and has made a commitment to the continuity of the project with "Inés Arrimadas at the helm in Spain and Carlos Carrizosa in Catalonia".

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