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The number 2 for Barcelona, ​​Anna Grau, affirms that "you can win and shelve the‘ procés ’" in the next elections and affirms that "it is never too late to recover the illusion"

"The attitude of separatism to take advantage of any circumstance to make electoralism and face the judges is not admissible”. This has been said by the secretary of communication and deputy of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Nacho Martin Blanco, when attending to the media together with the number two of Cs por Barcelona in the next elections, Anna Grau, before participating in the party table called by the Government of the Generalitat to discuss the February 14 elections. Martín Blanco has regretted that, given the provisional resolution of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to maintain the elections for 14F, “the Generalitat tries to confront with the State, the institutions and the judicial instances of our rule of law”And has qualified it as a“irresponsibility”.

The deputy explained that “it cannot be that those decisions that politicians must make with the necessary legal formalities do not”, In relation to the decree to suspend the elections issued by the Government, and then“it is intended to accuse the TSJC of committing irresponsibility or perpetrating revenge”. He has pointed out that “taking into account the Government's antecedents, you cannot expect too much from what comes out of the match table"And has remarked that they fear that the Catalan executive"come out with yet another attempt to coven of separatism against the Spanish State and the judiciary”. "It is essential to comply with court decisions and we find it unfortunate that both play electoralism”, Martín Blanco has sentenced before the attitudes of the Generalitat and the Government of Spain.

On the other hand, the number 2 of Cs por Barcelona, ​​Anna Grau, has stated that "You can win and shelve the 'procés'"In the next elections and has indicated that"it is never too late to recover the illusion”. He has pointed out that “after many years of 'procés' things can change"And has remarked that"despite the fact that in Catalonia and Spain many things continue to happen", there is no "nothing lost”In the next elections to overturn the current separatist majority.

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