06-04-2019 | Cs

The deputy of Cs asks the appearance of the councilor Buch after having relieved the dome of the Mossos 'to continue politicizing and instrumentalizing' the police force

"The balance of Torra in the Govern is nothing at all, is a year absolutely lost", has assured the deputy Citizens (Cs) in Parliament, Nacho Martín Blanco, to assess the first year of Quim Torra in front of the presidency of the Generalitat. Martín Blanco has affirmed that "the image is one more year of misgovernment and institutional paralysis" and has indicated that "the reality of Torra is fictitious, as imaginary as his republic". It has denounced that the president "speaks of a fantastic economy where companies do not leave and of equality and equity, when the reality is that Catalonia has more barracks and the longest waiting lists of all the Autonomous Communities".

"The only thing that Torra has achieved in a year is an accusation for disobeying the Central Electoral Board" has sentenced and pointed out that it is "a new lack of respect and institutional degradation of the separatist government." For the orange spokesman "the separatist governments are only interested in continuing the policy of confrontation between citizens and the contempt of the rest of Spaniards" and lamented that "it has all the looks that Torra wants to continue along this path".

The deputy of Cs has asked the appearance of the Minister of Interior, Miquel Buch, after having relieved the dome of the Mossos "to continue politicizing and instrumentalizing" the police force. He has warned that "in recent times we have not seen democratic behavior of the Government" with the example of "the police from Puigdemont to Waterloo or the praetorian guard of Torra". "They are turning the Mossos into a political police," he has sentenced.

Martín Blanco also regretted that the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, "is inadmissibly degrading the life of the Parliament of Catalonia", with his visit yesterday to the leader of Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, "shaking hands as if they were two authorities " "There is no right to drag the dignity of the House by meeting with Otegi", he pointed out and has also criticized the change of date of the plenary session of the Parliament next week "because Torra wants to go to see the political meeting of the prisoners who gave a coup to democracy. " "We demand that the political life of Catalonia return to normal and that is not subject to what they say from Waterloo or what happens to the Supreme Court," he said and has called for "a government that has reality and governs for people "

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