03-01-2021 | Cs

The Cs deputy regrets that the Government of the Generalitat "behaves like a government of amateurs that does not bear in mind the suffering of citizens"

"The Socialists have instrumentalized the Ministry of Health with the presence of Illa until the last moment”. This has been said by the deputy of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Nacho Martín Blanco, when addressing the media. Martín Blanco has pointed out that the PSOE's decision to place the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, as a socialist candidate "is incomprehensible in the middle of the third wave" of the coronavirus and has considered it "a frivolity and an instrumentalization of the institutions." He has pointed out that "the PSC does like the separatist parties by putting their personal interests before the interests of all Spaniards" and has remarked that changing from a pro-independence government to a tripartite one with ERC "is going from fire to embers."

Martín Blanco has stated that “we need a government that takes care of the day to day and that the priority is to rebuild Catalonia"And has ensured that, faced with that,"a shady tripartite is brewing”. "The PSC has always shown that its preferred partners are ERC and Podemos”, He pointed out and recalled that“the two previous tripartites had dire effects on the economy and coexistence in Catalonia”. The deputy has also indicated that the PSC "do not clearly bet on a constitutionalist government that puts the will to rebuild Catalonia above”.

On the other hand, Martín Blanco has regretted that the Government of the Generalitat “behave like an amateur government that does not take into account the suffering of citizens" and that "while the situation of the pandemic seems far from being controlled, the Catalan executive is more concerned about its internal battles”, In relation to the disagreement between the Interior and Health departments due to the eviction of an illegal party in Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona). "The government is very quick to close the hotel and restaurant industry but when it has to act quickly to avoid a massive contagion, it acts erratically”, He explained and ended by adding that“the government has been late and bad to most things while the pandemic seems to be out of control and they are engaged in internal battles”.

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